Thursday, November 30, 2006


I am back at the office doing my regular work. I was pretty busy since I arrived from my Laguna adventure, but I am in a lull now. I knew I had a lot of things to do but I decided to stop everything and just blog. I was browsing earlier just reading other people's blog so I might as well update my own. But again, what do I write about?

Well one thing is for sure......I am BORED!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I went into an adventure last weekend when I was in Laguna due to work. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, circumstances forced me to report in Laguna in order to do some damage control. So off to Laguna I did..... with my lover. After spending Sunday night together, we left early Monday morning for Laguna. We had a nice breakfast, then I dropped him off in town so I can do what I had to do in the plant. At around 2 pm, I decided to leave the plant and meet up with him. We had a late lunch then proceeded to one of the resorts in Pansol. We went swimming and we had a massage to remove the stress from work. We decided not to go back to Manila and just looked for a hotel where we can stay.

It was nice to spend the weekend with him again although I was not really able to enjoy it totally because of the stress of work I had to face earlier. But he helped a lot in making me forget work and think of it as a vacation. He really takes care of me and I truly love him for that.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just around the Corner

Christmas is just around the corner. So in about 4 days time, we hit the month of december, and the days will pass by in a flash for most of us. Things will be hectic, but hopefully jolly. There will be shopping, gif giving, parties and get-togethers. I have always loved christmas and I am looking forward to another great one this year. It's really just a matter of attitiude on how to deal with the season. Spending it with kids and experiencing their joy vicariusly helps. Through the years, I make it a point to experience christmas through the eyes of my nephews and nieces. I see in their eyes the anticipation of the season and I feel their joy and anxiousness too....and it really feels good.

For two consecutive nights, I brought them shopping in Marikina River Banks and Sta Lucia. Well, not really shopping but we went around and looked for stuff they want so I would know what to buy for them. This year, I have to be practical, so I am buying the kids things they really need like shoes and clothes rather than toys and knick-knacks I give in previous Christmases. It gets really funny how they deal with so many choices....... just like me, given to many options , I paralyze with my decision. The kids really had a hard time deciding what they want!'s so like their Uncle.....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Half Full

It was one hell of a work week for me this week! As mentioned in my previous post, I experienced a lot of anxiety these past few days because of work. Well, since my last post, it actually turned a lot worse. Work was hell, to the point that I was already saying to myself, this is not worth the salary I am paid for! I need more for all these bull I am getting. It was that bad!

But through it all, there was a point wherein I reached a threshold and said to myself, I can either wallow in the negativity of the situation......or be above it and just stay cool. Because in hindsight, will all of this matter 5 years from now? Heck, I don't think this will even have a significant memory in me by next year. After that ephiphany, the transition from being half empty to half full happened! And I started to have fun and excitement, just going through the motion of what needs to be done, no matter how stressfull it really was. In other words, at some point, i started to have fun! Cool............

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I was in a lot of anxiety today. It's only 4 in the afternoon and I am already so tired and stressed out. I feel like a candle on it's last few flickers. Having only a few hours of sleep has been a major contibutor to my anxiety attacks today. Basically, it's really work that has drained me up. Had to confront a big quality issue that cropped up with our customer who is bent on charging us 3 million worth of damages. Only because of a stupid oversight, that could have been averted if common sense was put into play. As expected, they made a big deal out of it and compounded the issue to make it significant. However, the bottomline is, it was our product, we produced it, so we have to take responsibility for its integrity. So personally, that's where the anxiety comes in for me. Because of these events, I would have to report to Laguna for the rest of the week until things have settled down. That means I have to travel back and forth and that will take a toll in both myself and my car. It's a good thing Laguna is just a few hundred kilometers away from the plant.

I'm trying to look at it now in a different light. Look at the glass half full instead of half empty. I'll try to make it into an adventure just so I can ease out the anxiety even for just a bit. Then, who knows, I just might get that hang of it and even look forward to my travels to Laguna. Hope this turns out to be the adventure I am imagining it to be.

Wait a minute! Does "adventure" have to include sexual excapades? Hmmmmmm........... I think I'm going to enjoy this. Yahoo!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Lately, I've had this intense fear of growing old. I guess this is normal for some people, especially for people who are my age (guess how old?....I would never reveal my true age...hahahaha). It's not really about dying that I am worried about. It's more on what would happen to me when I am too old to work and earn. I know, I know, the only way to get out of this mess is to prepare for my retirement this early! I'm slowly doing that, much too slow for my own good but at least I'm starting somewhere. I've invested some of my savings to several insurance plans. What I need to do next is to start building up on my savings to make me liquid and to have something to fall back on in case of emergencies. That part I still have to work on since it's easier to spend than to save nowadays. Bottomline is, I really have to be concious that I should not spend more than what I earn. That takes a lot of discipline to make it happen........


My lover and I had a fight. Yes, you read it right...."my lover". I am a gay guy! But this is not the purpose of this blog. More on that in future episodes. Anyway, it wasn't really a major was not even technically a fight because we just sat in the car not saying anything except oneliners meant to hurt the other. In fairness to him, he was not really saying anything. I was the one rattling out venemous one liners. It was the mean streak in me that came into the picture. Anyway, I feel bad for him because I really ws the one who was selfish. I was thinking only of myself. What ticked me off really was his presumption that I would do things I "usually" do. I felt pissed off because he already assumed it without us talking about it. I guess I was just tired really. Anyway, the weekend ended like that.......Oh well........

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I have a new computer!!! Yahoo!!! Don't ask me about specifications because I don't know what they are. Just as long as it is working and that's about it. That's the only thing that is important. I immediately logged on and tried to blog because I wanted to check the new keyboards I have. It is pretty much standard except the keys are slightly curved and diagonally shaped, to make it ergonomically correct? Is it working for me? Well, I already made a lot of errors typing this short entry. I even had to edit it after I posted it already. But it's not really that bad. Again, I just have to get used to it.

So after the keyboards, what do I check next? ................. This is going to be a long and busy weekend. But it's going to be fun!

Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm starting to realize how difficult and tedious it is to blog. When I started reading other people's blogs, I told myself I can do this. I have always wanted to write and I knew my English isn't that bad....but thinking of what to write about is taking me forever, more so putting it into words and blogging it here. I've had three previous entries and nothing substantial is in it. So is it worth it? I guess I just have to get used to it....... Haaaayyyyyy

Saturday, November 11, 2006


A couple of my friends and I will be going to Divisoria tomorrow. It's a sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner that's why we all have to start shopping. I'm just going to buy some knick knacks for my nephews and nieces....small stuff so I know I'm not really going to spend that much....well hopefully. Divisoria at Christmas time is really a nice place to go to to. The sight, the sound, the mad rush, the smoke, the food stalls, the assorted fruits, the tight alleyways, the cheap stuff...all these contribute to Divisorias charm. I never really end up buying a lot of stuff, but I get to see what's new and what's cheap so I can more or less gauge what other items are worth buying in the malls if I ran out of time shopping for Christmas presents.

I hope lunch will be great....... Hmmmmmm......

Friday, November 10, 2006


Been checking out how to edit my profile in blogger but ended up revealing nothing. I don't know if I need to reveal myself out there..... probably not. In the first place, will anyone be reading this?....... Oh well.......


I am still having trouble navigating through blogger. But I am excited with the idea of blogging. It feels like when I was younger and I use to keep a diary, mostly to record what I did that day, not too much on what I was thinking or generally feeling. So my entries were usually "I ate at..." or " I went out with..." or " I played ..." those trivial stuff. So this is something relatively new to me.......I mean writing about my thoughts, my feeling...... So it's kinda exciting.....and scary too 'cause I don't know how to go about it....I guess I will just wing it and see how it goes........

First Time

Finally, after reading blogs of others (and thoroughly enjoying them), I managed to create and start my own blog. Now what do I talk about? Hmmmmm....... Let's see......