Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was supposed to go to the dentist last week but I have been putting it off. Not because I am afraid of the procedure, in fact, there is just a small chip off my tooth that I wanted to be repaired because it has been scratching the back of my tongue when I talk or eat.

Anyway this isn't really about my dental appointment or the dental procedure that needs to be done. This is about death.

Yes death!

You see, I just found out that my dentist for more than a decade now is dead.

Yes dead!

The cause of death, well he fell from the stairs of their home.

Yes, he fell!

He fell from the top rung of the stairs when it gave way because it was termite infested!

Yes, termites!

It's not really such a great way to die is it? But he's still dead. So, is it such a waste?.....

Well it got me thinking, life really is too short....... so, should I live it day by day like it was the last day of my life?......... I started imagining how life of the people around me would be like when I am gone.... but they would definitely move on!......so I should'nt really think of how they will be if I was a goner, I should be more concerned how they are feeling now that I am still around.......

I believe in my heart that people around me are happy that I am around..... you see, I really am a great guy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've always had simple taste with food. Hindi ako mahilig sa mga kakiba at exotic na mga pagkain na galing sa ibang bansa.....pero pag nandiyan, di ako takot para tikman ito. Pero very pinoy ang aking taste buds. And I lean towards the saltier types of foods. So ang mga comfort foods ko ay binagoongan at dinuguan, which reminds me so much of home cooking. Yung mga pagkaing ma-gata gustong gusto ko din tulad ng bicol express at laing.

So why am I blogging abour food? Kasi nagugutom na ako! It's 4:30 pm a few hours before my usual dinnertime and I can't help but think about what my dinner would be. Haaaayyyyy....... kaya tumataba eh!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

over the weekend....

Over the weekend, we finally got Pumba back......and oh, was it a joy to see her again! She was so excited to see us and to be back to her territory that she kept running around and sniffing up all over the place again. She played around with her old teddy bear and of course played with us.

But the excitement lasted for about 20 minutes only! After she settled down, and after we settled down, she was back to her old ways of just lounging around, sleeping, not a care in the world. Of course, I kept bothering her and disturbing her sleep and wanting to play with her again but she just brushed me off, found a quiet corner and went back to sleep. Well, I shouldn't really complain because she is an old dog already, just like me.......so she needs her rest, and we've noticed that she does not get easily excited anymore. She's became a little jaded with us. Well, I guess, that's the typical menopausal stage of any old creature just like me.... hahahahahaha...........

We hosted a dinner too for a friend who actually invited himself over with two of his exes for dinner. It was a success as always......and fun at the same time. Food was great, presented with a little art, and conversation was great because our friend has always been very articulate and being an film director, knows how to tell stories with pizazz.......

Then we had a typical Sunday dinner with my closest group of friends. Again, food was sinfully excellent. There was kare-kare, then we had crispy ulo ng baboy (the group's favorite!) and pansit canton (another favorite). I brought a mango torte dessert which I purchased in Tiendesitas and was also very very good. Conversations was free flowing and we were talking about anything and everything....which was fun.

So that was the weekend for me........how was your weekend?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Eversince we moved into our condominium unit, one of the things I enjoy doing is hosting dinner for friends. I enjoy the idea of preparing the menu, buying the ingredients and the actual cooking. It's tiring, but you get a sense of satisfaction once you present the finished products to your friends and getting the praises you are expecting. Of course, proof of its success is if there are no leftovers after the meal. Mind you, I am not a great cook. I just started really cooking when we moved in, and that was purely by default because we learned that between me and my lover, I am the better cook.

So I've grilled, steamed, fried, chopped, cut, slow cooked and now even baked for friends with tremendous success. Of course there have been disasters, or at least minor mishaps......meaning the food may be too salty, or I've put too much spice on it, or I substituted an ingredient that did not suit well with the finished product. At least I learned from my mistakes and continue to learn and experiment.

Food is only a part of entertaining so I make it a point to spruce the place up the place, prepare the candles to create the perfect lighting mood. I also bring out the wine glasses, chill the wine, and prepare the appetizers. Music is set just right to add to the ambiance.

Of course the final touch would be great, free flowing conversation and laughter with very good friends.......

Monday, September 15, 2008


I have a dog.....yes, a real dog! Well technically it's not my dog but my lover's dog. He brought it over one day in our condo unit because it was supposedly sick and had to be taken cared of. At the start, I wasn't too keen on letting the dog stay....what, with all the hassle of cleaning up over its poop plus the smell it brings, added to the mess and the noise. But eventually Pumba (that's her name) won me over, as most dogs will eventually do to its hesitant masters. So now of the perks of going home to a nice condo unit is the cute and fuzzy shitszu dog that welcomes me everytime I open the door. First, she jumps up and down, then smells my pants and shoes. She then goes around in circle while leading me to her spot at the corner. She then gets her cute teddy bear toy, and runs straight to the side of our bed and expects me to put her up there so we could both play with her teddy bear......she biting it and me, taking it away from her. That's the routine. Aside from that, our bonding moment also occurs everytime I take her out to walk and poop outside the condo building.

Recently had an out of town trip to Bohol two weeks ago, so my lover had to bring Pumba to his parent house until we came back. But it's been two weeks now and we haven't had the time to pick her up back.....so I really miss her. I've put up her recent picture as my wallpaper so everytime I open the computer, I miss her more........


Saturday, September 13, 2008

as promised...

Yes, as promised, I will try to update my blog. So here I am in front of the computer typing these first few words, still with no idea on what to write about. I might be trying what they call "free writing" without really knowing what it is. Hehehe......

Anyway, I started going to the gym too, after a period of hiatus. Obviously, with me, the only reason I stopped was because I was lazy. But this week, I seem to have gained my momentum back because I've been to the gym last Tuesday and yesterday, already a big accomplishment for me! I tried doing my old routine but I haven't been lifting the heavy weights just yet. But still, the aches and pains hit me once I get home. Added to that, I tend to eat more during dinner just because I exercised. So I really just end up gaining back what I just lost in the gym a few hours ago. It's a cycle! At least I get to enjoy my dinner without feeling really guilty.

The end result......I am still at 185 lbs.....my weight for the last 5 years or so........and nothing has really changed.......

by the way, I am 5'11 so 185 lbs really isn't that bad......you think so?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

eto na naman...

It's been awhile (again?) since I last blogged......almost a year. I've been reading some of the regular blogs I've been following and it got me inspired (again?!) to write here. I know, I know, I should'n t be overwhelmed, feel insecure or indequate at the level of their writings because in the first place, this blog is first of all about me and only for me.....a place to express my thoughts and sentiments and to vent out my moods, joys and heartaches. Whether anybody reads it or not, it MUST NOT matter. So again, I resolve to write at line or two here just to get the ball rolling.......Good luck to me! and good luck to my blog!