Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've almost abandoned this blog. But as I've said over and over, I may have abandoned writing but I never miss blog hopping. I visit, read, enjoy, silently react, and even re-read the entries of my favorite bloggers, the list of which has been growing steadily since.

As we all know, some bloggers prefer to "come out" to their readers by revealing themselves, showing their pics, and make known personal details that would expose the real "them". Others, just like me, prefer to hide their true identity. So reading through entries of these anonymous bloggers, from the snippets of information they provide, and the silhouettes of pictures they expose, I/we sometimes can't help but create an image of how they would look like if you meet them in person.

Recently, the image I set for one of my favorite anonymous bloggers was shattered, when I finally met him in person......I was dazed, amazed, in awe, and priveledged to have know this "famous" blogger in person.......because only last night was it revealed that I have known this guy all along for more than 30 years.

I have been reading his entries way, way back, probably even when he was just starting, I was already there. In fact, I mentioned him in one of my earlier entries two years ago on what inspired me to start blogging. Needless to say, his writing style is great and entertaining. He was gutsy in exposing himself (Mr. Ripley episode), brave in revealing his fears, analytical in voicing out the conflicts in his personal and religious beliefs (regarding his views on casual sex), very detailed in sharing his sexcapades and sometimes giddy at his conquests (ang dami ha!). Rightfully so, he was proud of his personal and career achievements (new house, new car, new office, san ka pa?), unselfish and caring to his family, friends and to his "katiwalas" (including the Home of the Abandoned Elderly), radical in some of his ideas, and sometimes baduy in his choices (Carpenter's - I Need to be in Love?!?! Tama ba yun?!).

Those were some of the things I knew of him through his blog. So when it was revealed to me last night that person I've known personally for more than 30 years was the same blogger, I was totally, totally caught off-guard for a few seconds. I could not connect the person in front of me to the blogger I was reading. It just doesn't seem to fit. He is CC?!?!?! WTF?!?! It can't be?!?!

But after the initial shock, I was slowly brought back to the reality that there are always new things we find out from people we know all our lives. Of course our friendship way back when we were kids was totally different from what we have now, Also, it did not help that we just recently got together again, (thanks to our HS Homecoming reunion) after years of no communication, that's why we still had a lot of catching up to do. But thanks to this reveal, I was able to fill in the gaps of our lost years and also be able to connect the person I knew to the blogger I followed. He was the same good old reliable friend I knew from way back then.

Thanks friend for allowing me to enter your "closet"!