Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It's really been awhile since I last blogged. A lot of things have happened......a major one if fact but I just never had the drive to write it here. I've attempted to open this blog, especially after reading through the dozens of others I regularly read. But I never did.....until now.

So what really happened to me? Well, the Christmas season was a flurry of reunions, family gatherings, shopping and of course food! We had an aunt and a balikbayan cousin arriving from Germany and that ate up some of my time. Of course with a big family like my Mom's, gathering and reunions are really fun. I must say I did enjoy it even if I felt akward with my cousin at the start.

The January highlight really was the 25th grand reunion of my high school. It was a really fun and great event. I never even considered not attending it even if some of my closest classmates were not attending. I met up with some of my classmates I haven't seen in 25 years and it was really fun reminsicing about the good old days. It was also nice to know that I could hook up with them again since one group have been seeing each other regularly since after high school. I missed that....but I plan to catch up. My social life really needs a boost right now....not because I need to, but because life is too short and I need to enjoy while I am still able. First thing on the list is joining this Mountaineering group. I am hesitant to join but this has been one of my passions and I need to do it while I still can.

Well, the really major event that happened lately was my move from my parent's place to a condominium unit in Mandaluyong. It was a sort of joke with my friend, who owns the place which has not been occupied in 2 years, and me. I was sort of hinting to him that maybe we can rent it at drop dead prices and he agreed. It was sort of a whirlwind scenario after that, with the visit to the place, then buying the few furnitures need to spruce the place up, with buying paints and electrical stuff and cleaning implements and actually cleaning the rooms. Whew! It just dawned on me one day how lucky I was when I saw myself having coffee looking a a wonderful city view realizing I was finally living on my own.......after all these years! Finally! Well, I am not really alone of course. My lover actually moved in with me. This is a new phase in our relationship and I must admit it is turning out to be a great experience. It's only been a week really since we officially moved in and I must say it feels great to be in a beautiful and modern space with a fantastic view a with all the modern amenities within your reach. We really feel blessed.

Whew! so many things to say in one entry. I think I need to cut it short now and just tell more of it in the next entries. At least I am starting to blog again.

And I must admit, I was actually missing it........