Monday, October 08, 2007


It's 78 days before Christmas and I am in a bored state right now. I eagerly anticipate the season to arrive soon just so I can get out of this melancholic state I am in right now. Of course, it's just probably the dramatic "angst" I want to project that's why I am making a big fuss out of this. Either way, I believe Christmas would cheer me up a little.

However, if I think about how expensive the season is going to be, I get depressed! Which is worse that just being bored or melancholic. Hahahaha! It's probably because I know I would not be as generous with my gifts because of the financial situation I am in. I am up to my neck with bills and loans to pay. But I am still upbeat. It's because I have always managed to get through this financial rut I am in every month, particularly when all the utilities and bills arrive. Everything falls into place eventually and surprisingly, I manage to get by. But this does not mean I should just let it slide by...always. I have got to take control of the situation. And that would have to be on top of my New Year's Resolution for 2008.

We'll see.....But wait. No! My tag line has to be.........Just do it!


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